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How matter comes to matter


Whitney Stark

15 August 2016

Intra-action is a Baradian term used to replace ‘interaction,’ which necessitates pre-established bodies that then participate in action with each other. Intra-action understands agency as not an inherent property of an individual or human to be exercised, but as a dynamism of forces (Barad, 2007, p. 141) in which all designated ‘things’ are constantly exchanging and diffracting, influencing and working inseparably. Intra-action also acknowledges the impossibility of an absolute separation or classically understood objectivity, in which an apparatus (a technology or medium used to measure a property) or a person using an apparatus are not considered to be part of the process that allows for specifically located ‘outcomes’ or measurement.

synonym: agency, animacy, connectivity antonym: disconnection, inanimacy, objectivity, singularity, vitalism hypernym: phenomenology, connectivity, acknowledgement, respect hyponym: interaction, exchange, movement

References Barad, Karen. (2007). . Durham: Duke University Press.

COST Action IS1307 New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on 'How Matter Comes to Matter'.

Here you will find background material, current activities, calls for papers, working group information, and project outputs.

With the changing of societies on local, national and international scales owing to economic, ecological, political and technological developments and crises, a reorganized academic landscape can be observed to be emerging. Scholarship strives to become increasingly interdisciplinary in order to grasp and examine the unfolding complexity of ongoing ecological, socio-cultural and politico-economic changes. Additionally, academics forge... Read more or find out Who's Who

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Information relating to activities undertaken, including conferences, training schools, short-term scientific missions, and annual meetings, are archived here.

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Working Groups focus on four key areas of research

Working Group One

Genealogies of New Materialisms; examines and intervenes in canonization processes by compiling a web-based bibliography, coordinating the OST 068/13 8 EN... KENDALL KYLIE Reign LhtRV

Working Group Two

New Materialisms on the Crossroads of the Natural and Human Sciences; seeks to develop new materialisms at the boundaries of the human and natural sciences. The group focuses on how European new materialisms can rework the ‘Two Cultures' gap... Read more

To do this, you will meet with Moroccans living in the Netherlands, including first-generation women immigrants and second-generation Moroccan/Dutch elected officials, and with Dutch students and politicians. You will hear lectures from academics and NGO activists on the history of Moroccan migration to the Netherlands and examine Dutch patterns of integration and transnational activism between northern Morocco and the Netherlands.

Excursions highlights may include:

The program may also spend some time in Leiden and The Hague. During the excursion, you will stay in guest houses and hotels.

The first excursion is to Marrakech, Nqoub, Merzouga, and Fez. By visiting two historically significant settings, Nqoub and Fez, you will hear different versions of the Moroccan identity, Amazigh and Arab, and have the opportunity to speak to local residents and learn about how migration is viewed in these enclaves.

The program’s third excursion is a three-day experience to Beni Mellal city and province, where you will explore the causes of migration while assessing migration’s impact on rural communities.

The socioeconomic growth of Beni-Mellal province in the Tadla Azilal plains has been largely determined by remittances from Moroccan emigrants. You will meet with the staff and volunteers of local migrant associations and discuss the dynamic relationship between development and migration. You will also meet with local youth to compare perspectives on migration and youth disenfranchisement.

This excursion gives you the opportunity to gain firsthand experience of the impact migration has on local rural economy and culture. You will have a chance to engage in a roundtable discussion with people from local communities on the issues of migration and development.


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The Migration and Transnational Identity course examines the historical, economic, political, and cultural underpinnings of migration. The approach is informed by the reality that migration is more dynamic than static push-pull models or simplified economic or demographic interpretations can reflect. Rather, the course challenges the student to approach migration from a multidisciplinary perspective in which migration is only one constituent part of more complex economic, development, demographic, and cultural processes. The Research Methods and Ethics course addresses culturally appropriate, ethical field methodology in the context of migration issues, in preparation for the Independent Study Project.Study of Arabic opens windows into the culture and the program’s theme.

The following syllabi are representative of this program. Because courses develop and change over time to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, actual course content will vary from term to term. The syllabi can be useful for students, faculty, and study abroad offices in assessing credit transfer. Read more about credit transfer.

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